Morning Glory: Trump’s numbers are surging in the swing states

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The latest polling from Bloomberg on the rematch race between former President Trump and President Joe Biden is stunning. 

Trump is being prosecuted in a show trial-circus in Manhattan that serious observers know is both complete nonsense and an utter disgrace. On top of that, Trump is subject to a gag order. He is also obliged to be in court four out of five days a week and thus not campaigning in swing states. 

Despite all of this, Trump is surging in the swing states according to the new Bloomberg numbers, with Trump’s lead increasing to 7 and 8 points in Arizona and Nevada, respectively and to an astonishing 10 point lead in North Carolina! 

Trump is up in Georgia by six points and in Wisconsin by four. Biden “leads” in Michigan by two points but that’s margin-of-error land. When Trump names any solid running mate —former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Senators Tom Cotton or Joni Ernst, former National Security Advisor Ambassador Robert O’Brien or either of Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin or North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum— Trump’s momentum will increase. 


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