Trump Trial Day Two: The mysterious ‘other crime’ that is not

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“Everything old is new again.”  Whether it was Mark Twain or Winston Churchill or Jonathan Swift who popularized the adage, it’s a pithy truth that is lost on Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and his merry band of prosecutors.  

On day two of their farcical case against Donald Trump, they seemed ecstatic to elicit from their first witness that an old political ploy was utilized by the former president’s surrogates in the 2016 campaign. Brace yourselves.  

David Pecker, the ex-publisher of the National Enquirer, testified that his tabloid would promote positive stories about Trump and negative stories about his opponents.  His scandal sheet even paid money to bury damaging tales of Trump.  


Assistant DA Joshua Steinglass clearly regarded that tidbit of information as an earth-shattering revelation of political turpitude and venality, as if no one in the history of American presidential elections had ever ventured there.  

Except, you know, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Alexander Hamilton, to name just a few.  

Oh…and Hillary Clinton.

Consider the 1800 presidential campaign in which Hamilton penned scurrilous lies about Adams that were intended to benefit Jefferson. 

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