Antifa returns with a vengeance in college mobs. Here’s what the future holds

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College campuses across the nation are seeing a surge in radical, pro-Hamas activism, reminiscent of the violent Antifa protests of 2020 and 2021. This brand of activism is not new. It’s structured, militant, and often escalates quickly, fostering environments where, in this case, antisemitism can thrive unchecked. What we’re seeing unfold is a worrying echo of the Antifa-led disruptions during the Black Lives Matter movement, which often spiraled into violence and chaos. 

At Columbia University, activists broke into Hamilton Hall, unfurling banners with messaging that declared, “Glory to the martyrs” and “Tortuguita lives, the fight continues” (a reference to accused would-be cop killer Manuel Paez Terán). Students broke into and barricaded themselves in Portland State University’s Millar Library where they stocked up on supplies, planning to stay until they were forced out. And at the University of California, Los Angeles, a Jewish student was denied entry to the path he normally takes to class by masked activists, while a large mob armed with metal pipes and umbrellas (a tool of choice from Antifa because they also can obscure identities). 

All of these activists were either wearing black bloc (an all-black “uniform”) or concealing their

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