Immigration changes pushed by Democrats have irrevocably changed America

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Editor’s note: The following op-ed is adapted from author Jeremy Carl’s new book: “The Unprotected Class: How Anti-White Racism is Tearing America Apart.” (Regnery, April 23, 2024)

Politics is complicated, and it is rare that we can trace an abrupt break in American society to a single act or single piece of legislation. But the Hart-Celler Immigration Act of 1965 fundamentally transformed America’s immigration policy and is arguably one such piece of transformative legislation. It took us from being an almost uniformly White and Black country at the time of its passage to a fully multi-ethnic, and increasingly ethnically fractious, country today.

What is clear is that the post-1965 immigration boom, rather than serving as a continuation of longstanding American policy, was a spectacular repudiation of that policy. Over the last six decades, America’s government has created a new American people. Democrats, who have not won the White vote since 1964, simply elected another people through immigration policy and attacked any White person who complained as a racist.  

Given the enormous changes it would engender, it was inevitable that Democrat leaders would lie about the Hart-Celler immigration bill before putting it forward in 1965.

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