Ronald Reagan’s lessons for today’s campus crisis

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There is little doubt that the nation’s attention has been drawn to the crisis taking place on university campuses. Student protests over the Israel-Hamas war have popped up on an increasing number of college campuses as students are calling for universities to separate themselves from any companies that are advancing Israel’s military efforts in Gaza – and in some cases from Israel itself.

As we have seen on the news, university presidents, mayors, governors and the president seem paralyzed regarding what to do next. Students from Jewish backgrounds have been told to leave their campus for safety. End-of-year graduation celebrations have been canceled due to the protests. 

What should our leaders do? Is there an example from the past that could serve as a guide for our leaders today?

California Gov. Ronald Reagan, flanked by executive secretary Edwin Meese III, left; Alameda County Sheriff Frank I. Madigan, second from right, and California Highway Patrol Commissioner H.W. Sullivan, proclaims “a state of extreme emergency” exists at the University of California, Berkeley, on Feb. 6, 1969. (Sacramento Bee/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

The crisis of college demonstrations and occupation of buildings is not unique in our nation’s history. While the subject of

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