The ONE thing that Boomers can learn from Millennials and Gen Z — and it’s not what you think…

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The wiser, more-seasoned generations have lots of advice for the younger generations, from financial best practices to relationship secrets and more. But when I asked my online following if the younger generations had anything to teach the Boomers, there was one piece of critical advice that popped up over and over again, and it’s really important: how not to get scammed with technology. 

Scams and cybercrime are on the rise. The FBI said that cybercrime cost Americans $12.5 billion last year. The perpetrators typically know how to manipulate and prey on people and their human nature to get them to part with important personal data or even money directly. There are many recent warnings from financial experts to cybercrime specialists who have fallen victim to scammers themselves.  

With so many pieces of data relating to services, insurance, pensions, Social Security and more, the Boomers make desirable scammer targets. With that, here’s a synopsis of best practices to avoid being scammed. 


1. Don’t engage with people you don’t know

Scammers can’t take advantage of you if they cannot engage with you, so put up your lines of

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