GREG GUTFELD: The legacy media is less trusted than week-old tuna salad

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Yesterday, Politico ran a piece mourning the death of swagger in journalism. The writer Jack Shafer laments that “wounded and limping, doubting its own future, American journalism seems to be losing a quality that carried it through a century and a half of trials: its swagger.” Hmm, “wounded and limping.” Sounds like they’re describing one of Kristi Noem’s dogs.

It doesn’t end yet!

But Earth to legacy media: You can stop crying now. It’s over, and you lost bigly. You’re less trusted than week-old tuna salad. Shafer’s point is that journalism has become too timid, but his real purpose seems to be a call to action for his fellow reporters to get tougher. Sorry, Brian Stelter can’t even do a girl push-up. 

Now, Shafer goes on to claim that there are a few approved journalists out there with swagger, but apparently his definition of swagger is writers who despise half the country because, of course, they’re all either left or far-left. The article is a bit like listening to your grandfather reminisce about the crazy days of his youth while walking around the old age home with the back of his hospital gown open. Or,

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