Too Dumb for Harvard? Lemon’s Too Dumb for Twitter

Interviewing Elon Musk this week, former CNN host Don Lemon demonstrated the real-life consequences of affirmative action.

Interestingly enough, Lemon himself is an affirmative action beneficiary who miraculously hung on at CNN despite committing one moronic gaffe after another (maybe he’s just got television magic!). The only CNN on-air personality to handle himself worse was Jeffrey Toobin.


Lemon was baffled by Musk’s claim that “if we lower standards for what it takes to become a board-certified surgeon … then more people will die than if we don’t lower the standards, therefore we should not lower the standards.”

This was apparently Lemon’s first encounter with the logical sequence known as a “syllogism.”

Lemon’s response: “Do you understand how by saying just that standards are being lowered that you’re implying that they’re being lowered because people are less skilled and less intelligent, and you’re talking about people of color?”

What on Earth do liberals think “affirmative action” is? (And when I say “liberals think,” of course, I’m speaking figuratively.)

Does Lemon understand that when universities fight like wildcats to hide their black students’ SAT scores, they are also kind of implying blacks are less skilled and less intelligent?

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