Abortion and the GOP

The Biden administration and Democrats generally are under water in polling that has consistently shown voters are displeased with their performance on the economy, foreign policy and virtually everything else except one issue: abortion.


The president and Democrats up for re-election in Congress believe they can ride this single issue to victory in November. It is why Vice President Kamala Harris recently visited a Planned Parenthood clinic in Minnesota, becoming the first vice president to tour a facility that performs abortions.

Just as cities clear the streets of the homeless when heads of state arrive so as not to embarrass mayors and governors, Harris’ visit appeared to go no further than a photo-op in the clinic lobby. Behind her was a sign that appealed to “reproductive freedom.” Controlling the language (homelessness is now described in some quarters as the “un-housed”) often means one gets to control the debate and its outcome.

I doubt any abortions took place during the Harris visit. Just as with the streets when foreign dignitaries show up, everything was likely spotless a t the clinic.

Harris should have been asked if she has had a personal experience with abortion as that frequently colors one’s attitude toward

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