GREG GUTFELD: The adults finally showed up at college campuses

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Columbia University canceled graduation ceremonies thanks to the anti-Israel encampments that keep popping up like post-spring break UTIs. Now, protesters won’t get to throw their keffiyeh’s in the air and make the whole campus look like a Pizza Hut tablecloth. 

This after students demanded the school cancel finals and hand out passing grades so they wouldn’t be traumatized by the damage they themselves inflicted. Some revolutionaries. That’s like Che Guevara handing you the bill to have his beret dry-cleaned. But last week, somebody we’ve all been waiting for finally showed up. The adults. Remember them? They used to run things, not just pay for them. 

And what we saw was the battle between two forces – dad brain and internet brain. The internet brain is the kind that’s easily susceptible to crap on the internet. It’s kind of like wet brain but without the joy of earning it with Jack Daniel’s. Internet brain is campus brain, social media brain, and Karen brain all held together by outrage and sob snots. The dad brain is a response to that and says, “Fine, we’ve heard enough, now go do your homework.” And over the last few

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