Who’s a ‘Threat to Democracy’?

People of a certain age will recall a time when after an election the losing side would usually accept the results and initially give support to a new president during what was then called the “honeymoon” stage. Richard Nixon conceded to John Kennedy in 1960, although he believed the election was “stolen” by Kennedy operatives in Cook County, Illinois. Al Gore conceded to George W. Bush in the razor- close 2000 election. Hillary Clinton conceded in 2016, despite strong evidence of election interference by Russia, while Donald Trump is still in denial that he lost 2020 by more than 7 million votes.


The days of concession “for the good of the country” are gone. Not only is there no honeymoon, the “divorce” occurs first.

While claiming that Donald Trump would be a “threat to democracy” should he win in November, Democrats and the left are plotting how to oppose his every policy, including Trump’s plan to deport millions of migrants. To Democrats, apparently, it doesn’t matter if President Biden’s margin of victory is small or large, they believe they have a standing and perpetual right to govern, even if a majority vote differently. Damn the voters.

One might arguably

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