Actually, Senator

For the first time in decades, I caught some of the Sunday morning political shows last weekend. Who knew there still were Sunday shows? Since the advent of cable news, you can get the same programming anytime you want, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So what’s the point?


Apparently, the point is to give viewers three additional options for receiving MSNBC content on Sunday mornings, on ABC, NBC or CBS.

I watched a total of about 10 minutes, so this is not a full review, but I do have a great idea for renaming the Sunday shows. They should be called: “Actually, Senator” or “We Should Note” or “I Apologize for the Interruption.”

These phrases are repeated throughout the programs as the hosts “correct” Republicans with Democratic talking points.

Here’s an example from ABC’s “This Week,” with Jonathan Karl interviewing Republican Sen. Tim Scott:

SCOTT: “Under Joe Biden, we’ve seen the movement to defund the police, leaving communities like the one I grew up in devastated and ravaged by a wave of violent crime that we have not seen literally in five decades.”

KARL: “Actually, senator, as I — as you probably know — the latest stats on violent

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