Republicans’ Latest Diversity Train Wreck

Republicans’ embrace of “diversity” has been an unmitigated disaster, as illustrated most recently by Sen. Katie Britt, whose response to President Biden’s State of the Union address came with a double dose of diversity.


Why was this first-term senator chosen? To boost her reelection chances? She’s from the reddest state in the Union, won her last election by 30 points, and her term doesn’t end until 2026.

Because she’s an amazing public speaker? Quite obviously, it wasn’t that.

She gave the response because she’s not a white male. The last time Republicans picked a white man to give the GOP response was in 2012, when Gov. Mitch Daniels gave a great speech, despite the glaring absence of any blubbering over the unique suffering of women and minorities.

Which brings us to Katie. Asked to give the GOP response, she delivered it from her kitchen table because she’s a mom just like you, suburban woman who will never vote Republican.

She not only was “diverse” herself, but she made sure to drag a minority into her argument against Biden’s border policy, which is to have no border.

An open border, Britt told us, is bad for the illegals. This was in accordance with the

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