Red Lines or Victory?

A recent headline in the Wall Street Journal expressed Hamas’ last chance in its terrorist war against Israel: “Hamas Pins Survival Hopes on Ramadan.” The sub headline reveals its strategy: “Group’s leader in Gaza counts on holy month to pressure Israel to end the war.”


In a softball interview on MSNBC by Washington Post reporter Jonathan Capehart, President Biden claimed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu disregards “innocent lives” in Gaza, adding that should Israel invade Hamas’ last holdout territory in Rafah, it would be a “red line.”

Where have we heard that before? President Obama said if Syria used chemical weapons against its people that would be a “red line.” Syrian President Bashar al-Assad used them. Obama did nothing.

Perhaps more than any other nation Israel goes out of its way to protect innocent lives, oftentimes at the cost of Israeli lives. Biden has acknowledged that. He has also acknowledged that Hamas hides out among civilians and uses them as human shields. That familiar strategy is designed to persuade nations and the media to pressure Israel to cease military operations without reciprocity or an agreement to release the remaining 100-plus hostages.

There is only one reason to fight a war

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