Gianforte visits Missoula job site to tout MT apprenticeship rule change, tax credits

In 2022, the administration of Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte changed a state rule to allow one journeyman to supervise two apprentices in the state, a major change from the previous rule that required two journeymen to supervise one apprentice.

On Tuesday, Gianforte visited a new home construction job site in Missoula’s fast-growing Mullan Road area to witness firsthand the results of that effort.

“So that simple change quadrupled the number of apprenticeship slots in the state,” Gianforte said. “One teacher can supervise two students, that’s basically what we’re saying. So now last year, we had more apprentices than the prior three years combined, about 3,000 apprentices. Most of them in the building trades. A lot of them electricians, plumbing, carpentry.”

Anna Smithers, an electrician apprentice with 360 Electric, shows Gov. Greg Gianforte how to operate a new handy electrical tool to cut wires during an event promoting the expansion of 360 Electric in west Missoula on Tuesday, March 12, 2024. In 2022, Montana added more apprenticeship offerings to the Registered Apprenticeship Program, under which 360 Electric employs electrical and contractor apprentices.


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