A New Depth of Cynicism

Despite what some Iranian leaders say to the gullible West, denying their intention to build nuclear weapons, Tehran’s pursuit of weapons-grade fissile material and the development of ballistic missiles to potentially deliver a nuclear warhead continues unimpeded.


Though it is obvious to anyone paying the least bit of attention, The Wall Street Journal reports the Biden administration is “pressing European allies to back off plans to rebuke Iran for advances in its nuclear program….” And not just its nuclear program, but seemingly anything else Iran does on its own and through proxies to pursue its stated goal of destroying Israel and killing Jews.

What could possibly be the administration’s motive in urging Europe to do nothing about Iran? It doesn’t seem difficult to conclude this may be about the fall election. President Biden, who is losing his grip on the traditional Democrat voting bloc of Black voters and young people, apparently doesn’t want to make things worse by doing anything that could turn Muslim voters against him, especially in Michigan, which has a large Muslim population.

It only matters what Iran does, not what it says for Western consumption. Some of its leaders say weapons of mass destruction are

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