Leftist media outlets are dying at the worst time for Joe Biden

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Journalism has fallen on hard times. But if the industry is in a recession, leftist media outlets are in a depression. So are many of those who work there. And it just got worse.

Many of the top far-left media outlets have either had layoffs or closed the doors entirely. This isn’t just traditional liberal news operations like The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, NBC News, ABC News and NPR, which have all had recent layoffs. Outlets like Vice, Jezebel, Texas Observer and the news section of Buzzfeed have closed, though Jezebel was relaunched.

Others like Vox, The New Yorker, Now This and The Intercept have had layoffs. New York Times media reporter Ben Mullin mocked the Now This layoff announcement as reading “like a page from the Big Book of Corporate Jargon.” It includes a line straight out of “The Office”: “as part of our broader initiative to realign our resources.” 

President Biden talks to reporters outside the White House. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

The Intercept isn’t just in layoff trouble. According to Semafor, “The Intercept is losing roughly $300,000 a month, is on track to have a balance of less than a million

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