Morning Glory: Trump’s veepstakes is close to wrapping up

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“I’m calling it” declared Commentary Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief John Podhoretz on the magazine’s Monday podcast. Podhoretz then went on to detail at some length, egged on by Commentary’s Washington columnist and American Enterprise Institute senior fellow Matt Continetti, as to why North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum would be former President Donald Trump’s running mate. They received support for their choice from Commentary Managing Editor Abe Greenwald and Commentary culture and arts commentator and another AEI fellow, Christine Rosen, in a very enjoyable meditation on Burgum-mania.  
You should listen. Actually, you should follow and rate the Commentary podcast with as many stars as are available on your podcast platform of choice because it is simply the best podcast available on a day-in, day-out, Monday-through-Friday basis. My exercise time is usually immediately following the conclusion of my own broadcast, so my sole complaint about the Commentary pod is it sometimes doesn’t post until half-way through my trundling, which obliges me to go farther and longer than I had intended because I won’t not finish a Commentary pod. (I would also like a weekend edition of the pod to listen to, but none of the really

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