I was called an icon of feminism but many of them forgot women’s rights

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Young American women are in precipitous free fall. When they are not agreeing to be “choked” during sex, opting for “lazy girl jobs” on TikTok, becoming stay-at-home girlfriends, raving about a Barbie doll movie, or dressing like Taylor Swift, they are out marching or sitting in for everything except women’s rights. 

It is a sorry sight to behold: college-age American women committing civil disobedience on behalf of savagely misogynistic terrorist organizations; hypnotically joining in Muslim prayers on campus and happily donning hijab – even as Muslim women in Iran and Afghanistan are being jailed and even murdered for refusing to do so. 

There they are, these faux-feminists, speaking on panels and demonstrating for prison reform and against the police.  


Like the Democrat Party, they too are no longer interested in a sex-based Equal Rights amendment but in an amendment geared to Identity Rights. In their view, it is only “fair” that transwomen, (aka men), be allowed to compete with “cisgender” women (aka real women), in sports, occupy women-only jails, share locker rooms, showers and bathrooms with those who menstruate, get pregnant, give birth, breast-feed, experience menopause, etc.

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