Knudsen leads coalition against Biden administration’s attack on women’s rights

Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen has taken a stand against the Biden administration’s contentious Title IX rule, leading a coalition of attorneys general in filing a lawsuit aimed at protecting the rights and safety of girls and young women. This lawsuit marks the 44th legal action initiated by Attorney General Knudsen against the Biden administration.

The rule, published by the Department of Education, expands Title IX to include “gender identity,” a move perceived as undermining the longstanding protections for girls and women in education. Attorney General Knudsen emphasized concerns that this expansion would erase the distinction between males and females in educational and athletic opportunities, potentially disadvantaging women. Moreover, the rule mandates the sharing of facilities like bathrooms, locker rooms, and dormitories, raising safety concerns for female students.

Knudsen criticized the rule as disregarding scientific reality and accused the Biden administration of prioritizing political agendas over women’s rights. He vowed to continue advocating for women’s protection and uphold Montana’s laws against federal overreach.

The lawsuit challenges the redefinition of biological sex to include gender identity and highlights the potential coercion of schools to adopt gender identity theories without parental consent. Knudsen argued that this could lead to harmful situations and undermine parental rights.

Moreover, the rule’s implications extend to athletic opportunities for girls and women, with concerns raised about unequal access and safety. Knudsen warned of potential financial implications for Montana taxpayers and the loss of federal funding due to non-compliance.

Several states, including Montana, have enacted legislation to protect female athletic opportunities by barring biological males from competing in female sports. The lawsuit asserts that the proposed rule encroaches on states’ rights to regulate athletics within their jurisdictions.

Attorney General Knudsen co-led the lawsuit with Louisiana Attorney General Liz Murrill, with Mississippi and Idaho also joining the legal action.

This legal challenge follows Attorney General Knudsen’s prior efforts, including sending formal comments opposing the rule changes to the Biden administration in 2022.

By: Montana Newsroom staff