Why is Justice Gustafson hiding her ties to Democrats?

Ingrid Gustafston

In latest her television ad Justice Ingrid Gustafson says there is “no room for politics in the courtroom” and she has spent a great deal of time and energy trying to convince Montanans she’s nonpartisan but the facts tell a different story.

The fact is Justice Gustafson has a long history of liberal activism on the bench and is campaigning with prominent Democrats like Steve Bullock and Max Baucus. She’s been endorsed by liberal environmental groups and unions. Her campaign is financed by a veritable who’s who of wealthy liberal donors and Democrat Party affiliate groups are spending money to promote her campaign.

Justice Gustafson needs to be honest with Montanans and admit she’s a liberal. She was appointed to the Supreme Court by a Democrat, she sides with liberals on the bench, she campaigns with Democrats and Democrat donors are bankrolling her campaign.

Just be honest with us Ingrid!

BY: Representative Barry Usher, District 40