Watchdog group accuses DeSantis of violating campaign finance law

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is accused of violating campaign finance laws by allegedly coordinating with the Never Back Down super PAC, which supports his Republican presidential bid, according to a complaint filed by the nonpartisan Campaign Legal Center.

The complaint, submitted to the Federal Election Commission, alleges that the level of communication and coordination between DeSantis’ campaign and the super PAC crossed legal boundaries, potentially allowing special interest backers to exert undue influence over the political process. The Campaign Legal Center cited recent reporting by The Associated Press as evidence.

DeSantis spokesperson Andrew Romeo dismissed the complaint as “baseless,” claiming it is built on “unverified rumors and innuendo.” He characterized it as another instance of the Left’s fear of Ron DeSantis, suggesting they are willing to employ any means to hinder his progress.

By: Montana Newsroom staff