Trump’s Abortion Statement

Donald Trump issued a lengthy statement on abortion this past Monday. It is the latest of several positions he has taken on an issue that continues to be hotly debated. Each statement is supposedly a matter of Trump’s “conviction,” though some have been contradictions of previous statements. These have included his longstanding pro-choice position before he ran for president, to pro-life, and now pro-life with important caveats. Clearly his statement is one that conforms more to polls than principles, which is nothing new.


Trump starts with his support for IVF treatments, a subject raised in the Alabama state legislature, which first passed a law that criminalized the procedure if an embryo is subsequently destroyed, but then quickly reversed itself following an uproar. Trump said he favors IVF treatments for couples who need them.

Trump then takes the argument where it should go when he notes that many Democrats who support abortion, even in some cases late-term abortions, are the true radicals.

Next, Trump takes credit for the Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe. Wade, which he should, but then says he favors each state deciding for itself what their laws should be. That should be seen as a starting point,

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