The Beautiful Humanity of Death Row

Editor’s Note: This column includes graphic content, specifically depictions of violent crimes committed by convicted death row inmates, including violent crimes committed against children. 


The New York Times is weeping over the death penalty again, publishing a glowing review of Nashville reporter Steven Hale’s book “Death Row Welcomes You.” Obviously, it’s an important book, since only 1 million journalists have already written about their touching and personal relationships with men sentenced to death.

Although I am generally a hate-reader — having, for example, at least skimmed nearly every book about Trump (he’s a Russian asset, a threat to democracy, a conman and sociopath) — I can’t in good conscience contribute to an author who waxes on about his “friends” on death row, their “beautiful paintings,” and how supporters want to “celebrate” the life of men who just happened to mercilessly torture and kill helpless human beings.

So this will be a review of the Times’ review, with supplementary information from Amazon’s book sample, plus news reports and court records about the crimes that put Hale’s friends on death row.

Hale, the Times writes, gives an insider’s account of death row — a place “shrouded by myths of monsters and abominations.”



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