Trump Not Sending His Best

Picture your ideal Republican candidate. Would they look something like this?

1. An “anchor baby” (technically, “illegal immigrant”);

2. Parents were illegal aliens from Syria, who avoided being deported only because of their “American citizen” anchor baby, i.e. “the candidate”;


3. Father indicted for firebombing a synagogue (charges dropped when co-conspirators refused to testify against him);

4. Supported Sen. Marco Rubio’s amnesty;

5. Was thrilled that President George W. Bush gave a speech at a mosque on 9/11;

6. Constantly demands that Americans become entangled in foreign conflicts having nothing to do with our country;

7. Has been driven to a cursing rage at me for mentioning that immigrants commit a lot of crime.

No? Well, that’s Abe Hamadeh, the Trump-endorsed candidate for Arizona’s 8th congressional district. (I happen to notice Hamadeh because he’s running against the excellent Blake Masters, who actually is the ideal Republican candidate.)

Like many on-the-go immigrants, Hamadeh immediately abandoned all of his previous positions the moment he saw an advantage to doing so. What do I need to say to fool the rubes?

He’s the Alexander Vindman of the right, the Dinesh D’Souza of the Muslims, the immigrant credit card fraudster of electoral politics.

Before running for office in Arizona, Hamadeh deleted

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