Arntzen brings culture war to U.S. House race

Editor’s note: This is one of 12 profiles featuring a candidate in Montana’s Second Congressional House District primary race. The profiles are being published daily over 12 days and in alphabetical order. Each of the candidates were asked the same questions. 

Elsie Arntzen, perhaps more than any other candidate in Montana’s Eastern U.S. House race, stakes her political future on being a Republican culture warrior.

She’s fighting “the war on woke,” which means opposing any accommodations for gender fluidity, particularly in grades K-12. Arntzen has been Montana’s superintendent of public instruction for eight years. She opposes liberalizing Title IX, the federal law defining sexual discrimination in public education for the last 50 years.

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And she opposes a more comprehensive teaching of how race has shaped the United States. Critical Race Theory, which has never been taught in Montana K-12, is nonetheless denounced by the superintendent.

More than a few arrows have been shot Arntzen’s way. For example, the American Civil Liberties Union this April sued Arntzen’s Office of Public Instruction over the state’s law requiring parental notification of

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