The Fall of Rome, Updated

Third-worlders killed three Americans in Jordan over the weekend, and our political establishment is ready to start World War III. Which is more of a national security threat: terrorists 6,000 miles away, or our wide-open border?


People have different ways of evaluating threats, but the most basic test is: Which one kills more U.S. citizens?

Americans killed by Islamic terrorists in Islamic lands so far this year: 3.

Americans killed by third-worlders who entered our country illegally so far this year: 150.

I’m not even counting the 100,000 Americans who die annually of fentanyl and meth delivered by Mexican drug cartels. That’s 270 deaths a day right there.

But overdose deaths, I’m told, can’t be blamed on Mexico because Americans voluntarily took the drugs. I note that this is the only circumstance in which we’re allowed to blame the addict. In every other context, it’s not the druggie’s fault. It’s a “disease“! Just hand us your checkbook so we can fund the addict’s lifestyle and endless stints in rehab.

So we’ll ignore those dead Americans, just like open-borders enthusiasts do.

How about Americans murdered by illegals? Every year, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrests nearly 2,000 illegal aliens who’ve committed murder in this

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