The Canadian Version of ‘Newspeak’

In his novel “1984,” George Orwell created a term “Newspeak,” a language that was imposed by Big Brother for the purpose of diminishing the range of thought.

That perfectly describes what recently happened in Canada to the popular – and to some controversial psychologist – Jordan Peterson. Peterson, a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto and a best-selling author, appealed a ruling by the College of Psychologists of Ontario that had ordered him to undergo “remedial social media training” because of his beliefs. Those beliefs include his opposition to the “climate change” hysteria, forced use of gender pronouns and gender change, among other “woke” subjects.


Peterson appealed the ruling by the College. An appeals court rejected his petition. He contends that”proper culture” and Western Civilization are being undermined by “post-modernism and neo-Marxism,” along with other indoctrinations of political correctness.

He says his “sin” was “Tweeting opinions the college deemed ‘unbecoming of a psychologist.'”

On the social media platform X, Peterson wrote: “I am likely to soon lose my license to practice as a clinical psychologist in my home province of Ontario, in Canada whose historically prosaic internal politics should by all reasonable standards still be off the international

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