Project 2025

One way to measure the power of conservative policy proposals is to monitor the reaction of the left.

The Heritage Foundation’s ideas for the next conservative president to implement must be good because liberals are hysterical in their opposition. And that’s because they directly challenge the size, power, cost and reach of the federal government.


The word “fascist” has gained a certain cachet for the left much like the smear “racist” once was. The New Republic magazine has illustrated the label by portraying Donald Trump as Hitler. It’s designed to keep people from considering the results of policies that aren’t working while ignoring or disparaging policies that have a track record of success.

The Heritage Foundation’s “Project 2025” policy guide ( is full of credible proposals. Rather than allow opponents to mischaracterize them, people should read the book and see whether they are radical or rational.

The document is the work of 400 leading conservative thinkers and organizations. Some proposals will be familiar, like eliminating the useless Department of Education which, given students underperformance in math, science and reading, has clearly flunked its test. Donald Trump says he opposes some of their recommendations, though he admits he hasn’t read them.

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