My Questions for the Candidates

The debate between President Biden and former president Donald Trump Thursday night on CNN ought to be more than rehearsed answers and soundbites we’ve heard before. Polls show Americans are alarmed over what many feel is the unraveling of our country when it comes to the economy, uncontrolled immigration, the weakening of once shared moral values, and an unraveling of what used to be known as cultural norms.


Trying to pry loose some honest answers from politicians has always been a difficult exercise. Here are some of the questions I would ask if given the chance.

Polls show voters are most concerned about immigration and our borders, the economy and crime. It is obvious to anyone with eyes wide open that the border is not secure. According to The Hill, “The United States had some 10.2 million illegal immigrants in 2020, and another 10 million have entered during Biden’s presidency.” Many, it can safely be said, are gang members, criminals, some with terrorist ties, and let’s not forget the drugs. In a handful of cases, innocent Americans have even been murdered by undocumented immigrants.

President Biden, you swore for more than three years you could do nothing about the

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