Montana State veterinary student eyes goal of serving her home state

Reagan Cotton, MSU News Service

Morgan Radtke thought she wanted to be a doctor who treated humans, but the COVID-19 pandemic reduced the number of spaces for clinical shadowing in hospitals, leading her instead to intern in a veterinary clinic. The experience changed her life, reorienting her career ambitions, and now Radtke is a first-year student in the WIMU Regional Program in Veterinary Medicine at Montana State University.

Radtke was working toward a bachelor’s degree in exercise science at the University of Montana, where she also competed on the track and field team, when the pandemic began in 2020. Without an opportunity for hospital experience, she found herself back home in Drummond, working and learning in a veterinarian’s office.

“I really loved it. The practitioners there were super welcoming to me and made it a good experience. I realized I could see myself doing this,” said Radtke. “So, I applied to seven vet schools and was lucky enough to get into the WIMU program.”

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