Missoula firefighters to start Clark Fork River training drills

Zoë Buchli

Missoulians can expect to see first responders running rescue drills on the Clark Fork River in the coming months. 

Firefighters with the Missoula Fire Department are scheduled to start trainings that let them practice rescues in the river’s ever-changing conditions, according to a news release. 

“These training sessions are vital for familiarizing ourselves with the dynamic river environment and honing our skills in conducting rescue scenarios,” the news release stated. 

MFD personnel will be wearing bright colors and protective gear. Firefighters might be seen swimming, floating or utilizing the department’s rescue jet boats as part of their training sessions, the news release stated. 

MFD’s approach to river rescues involves sending out firefighters equipped with specialized response gear, along with engines with necessary equipment to safely deploy personnel into the water. The jet boat, which is housed at the McCormick Park boathouse, is another key piece of a river rescue response.

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Trainings give MFD staff the chance to familiarize themselves with unique challenges and conditions posed by the river, practice rescue techniques and ensure proficiency with water rescue equipment. 

The fire department has pulled both people and animals from the

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