Marjorie Taylor Greene Criticizes Jan. 6 Defendant Sentences

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene took to social media on Monday to express her criticism of the sentences handed down to individuals involved in the January 6 riot, asserting that they are harsher compared to those given to Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters.

Greene specifically highlighted the case of Chisom Kingston and Natalie Hanna White, who pleaded guilty to arson charges related to the burning of a Wendy’s in Atlanta during a 2020 protest. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, both individuals received five years of probation and $500 fines.

In her social media post on X, Greene stated “6’ers are being locked up for years for walking in the Capitol and some never walked inside at all, but the guys who plead guilty to arson and burned down the Wendy’s in Atl in 2020 BLM riots only have to pay a $500 fine!!!”

Greene highlighted that over 600 out of the 1,100 people charged in connection with the Capitol attack have been convicted and sentenced, with many receiving substantial prison terms. She expressed her concern about the perceived imbalance in the scales of justice, stating, “The scales of Justice have tipped so hard one way they have fallen off!!!”

By: Politics406 Staff