IRS whistleblowers to testify in Biden probe

Two IRS whistleblowers, Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, are now providing closed-door testimony to the House Ways and Means Committee, alleging that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) exhibited favoritism towards Hunter Biden, the president’s son, during an investigation that was marked by political interference.

Shapley, who led the IRS investigation into Hunter Biden, has expressed his belief that the agency’s actions were influenced by politics at every stage of the probe. He goes so far as to claim that Hunter Biden, given the nature of the alleged tax violations, should have been charged with a felony. Shapley contends that the political landscape surrounding Hunter Biden’s father, the former vice president and current president, may have played a role in benefiting him.

Joseph Ziegler, a seasoned special agent in the IRS’ Criminal Investigation Division, has echoed these sentiments, stating during a hearing this summer that the investigation into Hunter Biden was continuously hindered. Ziegler has also raised concerns about potential contradictions between communications reviewed by investigators and President Biden’s public statements regarding his lack of involvement in Hunter’s overseas business dealings.

“It appeared to me, based on what I experienced, that the U.S. Attorney in Delaware in our investigation was constantly hamstrung, limited, and marginalized by DOJ officials as well as other U.S. attorneys,” Ziegler emphasized during the hearing.

Hunter Biden is currently facing three felony firearms charges related to the 2018 purchase of a gun, where he provided false information about drug use on a form. The possibility of new or more severe charges over unpaid taxes looms after a plea deal, intended to have him admit to misdemeanor tax charges while avoiding weapons violations prosecution, fell apart due to a judge’s concerns.

Republicans have seized on the handling of this case as an alleged example of a “two-tiered justice system” being wielded against former President Trump. The House Judiciary Committee, actively involved in efforts to impeach the president, has subpoenaed Assistant U.S. Attorney Lesley Wolf, whom Shapley accuses of obstructing questions related to the president during the investigation initiated in the Trump administration.

In the midst of these developments, Hunter Biden has been subpoenaed by the House Oversight Committee for a closed-door deposition on December 13 regarding his overseas business dealings. While he offered to testify publicly on the same day, his proposal was rejected by GOP-led committees who argue against providing him “special treatment.”

“Mr. Biden will not succeed in attempting to dictate to the Committees how they conduct their investigation. The subpoenas Mr. Biden has received compel him to appear before the Committees for a deposition; they are not mere suggestions open to Mr. Biden’s interpretation or preference,” Oversight chairman James Comer and Judiciary chairman Jim Jordan emphasized in a joint statement.

As House committees continue their investigations into President Joe Biden and his family, discussions regarding potential articles of impeachment are underway. Democrats, including Oversight ranking member Jamie Raskin, criticized Republicans for rejecting the offer for Hunter Biden to testify publicly, while Republicans argue that their findings depict a pattern of “influence peddling.”

By: Politics406 staff