Limiting Lawbreakers Is Still Lawbreaking

The satirical Babylon Bee mocks the Senate immigration bill: “New Senate Anti-Murder Bill Caps Murders At 5,000 Per Day.”

The point is that even if the bill passes both chambers and is signed by the president, which at the moment seems unlikely, it would still allow some migrants to enter the country against the law. It also begs this question: Since President Biden has not enforced immigration laws that have been on the books for years, why would he enforce a new law when the goal appears to b e to flood the country with potentially new Democrat voters and citizens?


Serious arguments are made for and against this bill. A Wall Street Journal editorial effectively said something is better than nothing: “Do Republicans want to better secure the U.S. border, or do they want to keep what has become an open sore festering for another year as an election issue? That’s the choice.”

Against the bill is the conservative Heritage Foundation. In a piece published in The Hill, the writers say:” The reported deal does not stop the border crisis that Biden has created, and which he could end tomorrow with a stroke of his pen. In fact,

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