Impeach Him Again

The crisis at the border is the No. 1 issue with voters, and it’s killing the Democrats. To my surprise, my party — the stupid party — has done something smart (which Fox News tried to talk them out of). They’ve forced Democrats to vote on the impeachment of the man orchestrating the invasion, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.


The Democrats know that if they don’t shift the blame for President Biden’s immigration policies to the GOP, they could get slaughtered this fall. They might even get Trump reelected.

Their plan: Work with open-borders, amnesty-supporting Republicans to concoct an immigration “deal” that’s way worse than what we have now. If Republicans are fool enough to vote for it, then they own the border crisis. And if they reject it, the media will never stop telling us that it was a fantastic bill, it would have totally shut down illegal immigration, but Republicans rejected it for churlish reasons.

The most cursory glance at the immigration “deal” shows that it would do absolutely nothing to protect the border — and a lot to make things worse.

One example of many: The deal expressly provides for up to 5,000 illegals to come into

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