Hunter Biden, convicted of all 3 felonies in federal gun trial

Hunter Biden received guilty verdicts on all three felony charges tied to his 2018 gun purchase. Prosecutors asserted that the president’s son falsely claimed on a mandatory gun-purchase form that he wasn’t illegally using or addicted to drugs.

During the three-hour deliberation over two days, Hunter Biden maintained a stoic demeanor. Upon hearing the verdict, he exchanged hugs with his attorneys, offering a subdued smile. Affectionately embracing his second wife, Melissa, they exited the courtroom together.

In a written response post-verdict, Hunter expressed disappointment but gratitude for the support of loved ones. His legal team affirmed their commitment to exploring all available legal avenues. First Lady Jill Biden arrived at the courthouse just after the jury’s decision, absent during the reading of the verdict. Hunter, accompanied by the first lady and his wife, avoided engaging with reporters,

Jurors found Hunter guilty of lying to a gun dealer, making false claims on the application regarding drug use, and unlawful possession of the firearm for 11 days. Despite facing a potential 25-year sentence, it remains uncertain whether he will serve time, given his status as a first-time offender.

The conviction of both Hunter Biden and Donald Trump in an election year adds a unique dimension to the political landscape. Joe Biden, cautious not to influence the trial, has maintained minimal commentary, reflecting concerns about his son’s well-being and sobriety.

Throughout the trial, prosecutors emphasized Hunter’s substance abuse struggles through personal testimonies and evidence. Despite not testifying, excerpts from Hunter’s memoir and testimonies painted a vivid picture of his addiction at the time of the gun purchase.

Hunter’s legal team contended he was not in active addiction when acquiring the firearm, presenting evidence of rehabilitation efforts. The trial unfolded in Delaware, deeply entrenched in the Biden family’s history and political legacy.

Efforts to resolve the federal investigation through a plea deal faltered, leading to Hunter’s indictment last year. Allegations of political pressure influencing the case have been raised, with Hunter attributing his charges to Republican scrutiny.

By: Montana Newsroom staff