Governor Hears Come Home Montana Story in Drummond

DRUMMOND, Mont. – Joining Montana Department of Agriculture (MDA) Director Christy Clark, Governor Greg Gianforte earlier this week continued his 56 County Tour visiting Farmer Boy Eggs in Granite County to highlight a true come home Montana story about the Verlanic family.

“For too long, Montana’s most valuable export has been our kids and grandkids,” Gov. Gianforte said. “It was great to hear from the Verlanic brothers on moving home, investing in their family operation, and cultivating a quality product to nourish our communities.”

“Farmer Boy Eggs is a true Montana ag success story,” said Director Clark. “The Verlanic brothers came back to the farm to keep their family traditions alive and have added a tremendous amount of value to the Montana agriculture ecosystem and their community in doing so. When we can keep a family farm in family hands, that is a success for Montana agriculture.”

Farmer Boy Eggs

Gov. Gianforte and Dir. Clark talking with Alex Verlanic at Farmer Boy Eggs in Drummond

After moving back home to their family farm in Drummond, brothers Alex, Connor, and Andrew founded Farmer Boy Eggs to sell their natural, cage free eggs in stores across Montana.

“My brothers and I believe agriculture is a legacy and generational business, something we grew up with and something we feel very strongly about. The lifestyle for us and our families was what we wanted to come back to be a part of,” said Alex Verlanic.

He continued, “We’ve all three lived outside of the state, around the country, and the world – to come back to Montana was something that was very special to us.”

With over 35 distribution locations in Montana, Farmer Boy Eggs has been able to expand their operation thanks to the help of a MDA Growth Through Agriculture (GTA) grant.

To support Montana growers, the GTA program supports innovative Montanans and their businesses through loans and grants that produce and commercialize agricultural products and processes, that in turn, create wealth and jobs in communities and on farms and ranches.

As a recent recipient of a grant the business was able to upgrade their egg cleaning and sorting equipment.

Cleaning Machine

Farmer Boy Eggs employee sorting eggs into cleaning machine

“Montana’s producers play a critical role in providing essential products that nourish our communities. We’ll continue to support family operations like the Verlanic’s by reducing red tape and helping hardworking Montanans keep more of what they earn so more folks can come back home,” Gov. Gianforte added.

Creating greater opportunities and more good-paying jobs for Montanans to move home is a top priority for the governor.