Helena City Commission reviews new features on ‘Interactive Development Explorer’ site

City commissioners recently reviewed new features on Interactive Development Explorer, which displays maps and data compiled by the city of Helena Community Development Department.

It’s related to residential and commercial development, land use, zoning, urban renewal and infrastructure projects.

It has residential development, residential and commercial building permits, including large developments projects, land use decisions and a vacant land map, Stephen Shirley, planner with the Community Development Department, said as he guided commissioners through the site during a Feb. 21 administrative meeting.

The site, which started last summer with a housing development map and has had other items added, allows viewers to click on more features to get more information about projects such as address, estimate costs, as to whether fees have been paid.

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On the vacant land map, people can review vacant properties inside and outside city limits. It shows zoning, size and possible land uses. It also features a map on the urban renewal district, Lewis and Clark County, and a historic preservation map that offers basic historical information about a property.

The site, at https://bit.ly/4cjzsTS, includes a feature where people can comment. Officials said they were working on getting the

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