Dock Their Pay

When the government shuts down the people responsible continue to receive their pay because they are considered “essential.” These include the president and members of Congress. It reminds me of when it snows in Washington (as opposed to the snow jobs we get all year from politicians). The guy on the radio says, “only essential workers need to report to work.” Let’s find out who they are and get rid of the rest. That would substantially reduce our$34 trillion national debt and cut the size of the federal government, the nation’s largest employer.


The threat of another government shutdown reminds me of movies some of the cable channels repeatedly run. Even films I love eventually reach a saturation point as they become overly familiar. It is the same with reruns of government shutdowns.

Government shutdowns are a relatively recent phenomenon. As the History Channel recounts, the first one happened in November 1981, Ronald Reagan’s first year in office. Reagan vetoed a spending bill he thought should have cut more domestic programs. The shutdown lasted only a few days and the spending continued.

The second shutdown occurred in the fall of 1982 and for the nuttiest of reasons. As The

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