Cuomo: From Nursing Home Killer to Bimbo Enabler

According to media reports, Andrew Cuomo, the former governor of New York, is eyeing a run for mayor of New York City. Unfortunately for him, his top aide, Melissa DeRosa, has written a book, “What’s Left Unsaid,” revealing that his most trusted adviser is a complete nitwit.


As you may recall, I wrote about DeRosa’s book a few months ago. Here are a few more things you should know before allowing Cuomo to foist this birdbrain on us again.

1. Anyone who disagrees with DeRosa is a terrible person. Probably a liar.

— In a phone call with Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., after she criticized Cuomo for ordering hospitals in her district to send all their ventilators to New York City — a disastrous idea — DeRosa blew up. (As we now know, ventilators were not merely useless for treating COVID, but often killed the patients.)

DeRosa: “‘Who have you become?’ I asked in disgust. ‘I am embarrassed to be associated with you.’

“‘What?’ Now she sounded genuinely hurt.

“‘Yes, you heard me,’ I wasn’t backing down. ‘Do you know what it’s like when people ask me how I could possibly be friends with you? The things you say. The way you

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