Busse Taps failed AG candidate as Running Mate

Democratic governor candidate Ryan Busse has selected Helena attorney Raph Graybill to be his running mate.

Graybill, 34, has a law practice in Helena that focuses on representing liberal special interest groups. He was the Democrat nominee for attorney general in 2020. Prior to that he worked on the staff of Democrat Gov. Steve Bullock.

“Many of the things that make the state so special to live in for new Montanans (and) old Montanans — our great Constitution and our basic affordability — are going to hell in a handbasket, and the government’s doing nothing or making it worse,” Graybill told Lee Newspapers in a interview Monday.

Since his bid in 2020 for attorney general, which he lost to Republican Austin Knudsen by 17 points or over 100,00o votes, Graybill has worked in the family law practice, mostly representing liberal special interest groups who sue the state back laws passed by the Gianforte administration.

Graybill’s legal advocacy includes representing Planned Parenthood of Montana in various cases, notably one seeking to permit minors to undergo surgical abortions without parental notification or consent. He told several media outlets that is work to defeat abortion regulations is an issue he thinks will resonate with voters.

Comparing the upcoming election to the 2020 cycle, Graybill sees significant differences, citing the pandemic’s impact on in-person campaigning during the previous cycle. He aims to leverage public discontent over issues such as rising property taxes and housing unaffordability in Montana to appeal to undecided voters.

Graybill was born and grew up in Great Falls. He went to Columbia University and then Yale Law School.

Busee, a gun control activist and author announced his candidacy in September. Originally from Kansas Busse and his family now live in Kalispell.


By: Politics406 staff