You are the greatest influencer in your life: 5 steps to flip the script on being stuck

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If you come to Colorado in the summer and spend a weekend with my family, we’ll likely force you to go over one of the nearby mountain passes with us in some kind of four-wheel- drive vehicle. The narrow roads are unpaved, bumpy, and sometimes a little too close to the edge of cliffs and steep drop-offs on the side of the mountain. 

These mountain adventures have become one of my favorite pastimes, though they weren’t always. In fact, two decades ago, when we first lived in this part of Colorado, a day spent in a vehicle getting jostled around on windy mountain trails seemed like a total waste of time. 

My husband, Troy, loved it, but I couldn’t understand the appeal. He called it an “adventure.” He felt challenged and alive in the mountains. He was motivated to see and witness untouched parts of creation. I had a completely different narrative about off-roading: 

Off-roading is not productive unless you consider getting from point A to point B in six hours at a snail’s pace productive. On top of that, it’s uncomfortable and dangerous. I mean, you could get a flat tire, whiplash, or fall

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