The Unmaking of a President

Beginning with the election of John F. Kennedy in 1960 and through the re-election of Richard Nixon in 1972, political journalist and biographer Theodore H. White wrote books called “The Making of a President.” Were he alive today he might title one about Joe Biden “The Unmaking of a President.”


The deplorable state of the president is obvious to all but those who are desperately hoping they can drag him across the finish line in November.

The administration appears desperate, if not devastated, following the release of a report by Special Counsel Robert Hur that included Hur’s observation that Biden could not be indicted for “willfully” keeping and sharing classified papers because he is an “elderly man with a poor memory.”

At a hastily called news conference that seemed to underscore rather than refute Hur’s observations, Biden called the president of Egypt the president of Mexico. He also kept fumbling at what appeared to be pages in a notebook. These pages usually contain anticipated answers to reporters’ questions. He never got to the right pages.

As if this wasn’t enough self-inflicted damage, the administration rolled out the equally inarticulate vice president to defend Biden. Kamala Harris, whose remarks have been

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