The New American Antisemitism

In the aftermath of “from the river to the sea” anti-Israel protests on many college campuses and in the streets comes a perfectly timed book by Johns Hopkins University Professor Benjamin Ginsberg titled “The New American Anti-Semitism: The Left, The Right, and the Jews.”


Professor Ginsberg is especially hard on progressives and urges American Jews to move away from their longtime support of Democrats to form a new political alliance, especially with evangelical Christians.

While U.S. presidents have given lip service in support of Israel – and yes, the Jewish people and their ancestral homeland cannot be separated – in practice, some Republican and many Democratic presidents have pressured Israel to make concessions to her sworn enemies that would spell the death of the Jewish state.

In Israel’s ongoing attempt to eliminate Hamas in Gaza, Politico reports: ” Biden administration officials have spent weeks quietly drafting a multiphase postwar game plan that envisions a revamped Palestinian Authority (PA) ultimately taking over the Gaza Strip.”

It takes a leap of faith to ignore what Hamas and other terrorist groups have as their objective and to believe that a “revamped” PA would not be overtaken again by Hamas, or another terror group.


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