Support Wilson for Supreme Court

He is a refreshing reminder of all that is good about the Montana we know and love

I am supporting Judge Dan Wilson for Montana Supreme Court Justice. If you have a chance to meet him, like I did, you’ll understand why. He is a refreshing reminder of all that is good about the Montana we know and love.

He’s not a politician; he’s a judge. Someone who was born to fix things. Someone who’s not afraid to make the hard decision none of us want to. For more than t12 years he has stood in the line of fire as a Flathead County District Court Judge, heard hundreds of cases, seen things we only read about in the papers. Anyone remember when he opposed Gov. Steve Bullock’s mask mandate and the state’s request to shut down five local businesses? He ruled for the businesses, against the Governor, while most of us could only complain.

He wants to be a Montana Supreme Court Judge because he believes in the rule of law, in common sense, and equality for all. Love him or not, he’s no chameleon. He says what he means. He stands on principle with both feet planted firmly on the ground. When he says he can be unbiased, fair, non-partisan, I believe him. His careful choice of words, his measured reasoning, the thoughtful look on his face tell you he’s sincere.

He’s from Kalispell. Lives among us with his family. He understands the independent values we cherish. He’s been in both private and public practice, worked both sides of the judicial aisle. That kind of experience is invaluable when making important decisions.

In my opinion, Judge Dan Wilson is more than a figure of legal expertise; he is a symbol of Montana’s unwavering spirit. He’s won my vote. I hope yours too.

James E. Trevino