RFK Jr. blames young campaign staffer for TikTok thirst trap comment

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. denied accusations Thursday that he left a comment on a TikTok video of an OnlyFans model in 2022, saying the account at the time belonged to a campaign staffer.

“The TikTok comment in question was made in 2022 long before I ever had a TikTok account,” the long-shot presidential candidate wrote on X (formerly Twitter). “This comment now appears on my account because the account was previously owned by one of the campaign’s young social media managers.”

When Kennedy announced his bid last April, his campaign wanted to stream the event on the popular social media site, he said. “However, TikTok does not allow live streaming for accounts that have less than 1,000 followers. The social media manager decided to transfer his account, which had around 1,500 followers, to me in order to stream my announcement on TikTok,” he wrote.

The comment first surfaced Wednesday evening, when an X user posted a screen recording that showed Kennedy’s official account posting “Wow,” heart-eyes

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