President Trump has Endorsed Matt Rosendale for U.S. House

Current Montana State Auditor and Insurance Commissioner Matt Rosendale has received the official endorsement of President Donald Trump in his candidacy for the Republican nomination for the U.S. House of Representatives.

KGVO News spoke with Rosendale after he received the news via a Presidential tweet.

‘Rosendale is a strong and conservative fighter for Montana. Matt stands with our brave veterans, loves our military and will continue to work to secure our borders. Matt will never let us go unprotected. Matt has my total endorsement.’

“I think it’s about as big an endorsement as you can possibly get,” said Rosendale. “President Trump came out and gave me his full-throated support for the campaign, and we are really excited about that. The momentum for our campaign has been growing stronger and stronger and we couldn’t be more proud than to have the support of President Donald J. Trump.”

Rosendale counted off some of his accomplishments as State Auditor and Insurance Commissioner.

“The President made promises and he fulfilled them and he said that Matt Rosendale also made promises that he kept,” he said. “He said that he was going to reduce healthcare costs, and we’ve seen that the premiums on the individual

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