Poll: Most Black Americans see more opportunities than parents

Black Americans see more opportunity today than past generations but feel more still needs to be done. 

Americans generally agree racism remains a problem, but differences over its extent and what should be done still bring some division.

Black Americans believe their opportunities to succeed in life are better than those in their parents’ generation, but most feel efforts to promote racial diversity and equality in the U.S. are not going far enough. Black Americans are nearly unanimous in their view that racism remains a problem in the U.S. today, including three in four who call it a major problem.

White Americans are more inclined to think diversity and equality efforts are going too far. They overwhelmingly believe racism was a problem in America’s past, but they are far less likely than Black Americans to see it as a major problem today. 

Not enough Black representation

Black Americans think racial diversity falls short in key sectors of society. Big majorities think there should be more Black representation in the areas of business and political leadership. Even Black Americans who feel there has been a lot of progress in getting rid of discrimination think Black people

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