Plowing for votes on Long Island


With help from Shawn Ness

Mazi Pilip VS. Tom Suozzi Debate

The special election between former Rep. Tom Suozzi and Mazi Pilip kicked off today, with early voting that began last week in the 3rd Congressional District. | Courtesy of News 12 Long Island

Blue hands and red noses are in the snow today as Democrat Tom Suozzi checked in on Twitter from the Republican stronghold of Massapequa amid the congressional special election to replace George Santos.

“The snow is melting and the roads are clearing,” Suozzi posted. “Good for voters…for snowmen, not-so-much.”

And for his Republican opponent, Mazi Pilip? Time will tell. Polls close at 9 p.m.

But it’s probably a relief for her too.

Conventional wisdom says the GOP needs a big showing on Election Day to make up the Democratic advantage in early and absentee voting (due, in part to standard-bearer Donald Trump’s previous criticism of voting by mail).

No one is taking the snow lightly. The Republican super PAC, the Congressional Leadership Fund, hired its own snow plows to clear the streets and make it easier

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